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Find a Granite or Bronze Marker to Memorialize Your Loved One

When finding a cost-effective way to memorialize a loved one, building, or other location, start the search with granite or bronze memorial markers from Sausser Monuments Co. From historical plaques to cemetery headstones, our custom-made granite and bronze markers provide an elegant look for a loving tribute. With over 170 years in the industry, residents of Ashland and surrounding Schuylkill County areas can count on the highest quality of workmanship for their markers. Give us a call today at (570) 875-3070 for more information.

Serving Individuals Throughout the Schuylkill County Area

Located on South Hoffman Boulevard in Ashland, PA, the outdoor showroom from Sausser Monuments Co., affords easy access to residents throughout Schuylkill County. We feature a friendly family-owned, seventh-generation business, with a staff that has experience to handle any concerns, particularly from grieving clients. We take pride in making difficult times as easy as possible for our clients, so please allow us to prove our commitment to you. Contact us today for more information on granite and bronze markers for areas including:

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Using Bronze Markers for Memorials Has Many Benefits

When choosing a bronze marker for a memorial from Sausser Monuments Co., Shenandoah-area residents can find many positives. They are weather-resistant and do not deteriorate easily, which ensure they last longer and require less maintenance and repair. Additionally, when you choose us for your bronze marker, you can select from a wide variety of styles and sizes, which come hand-crafted and with custom etchings. Visit us today to view our wide selection of bronze markers for memorials, or give us a call for more information.

Talk to Sausser Monuments Co. About Granite Memorial Markers

Much like bronze markers, granite memorial markers also offer a number of benefits to those who choose them. Similar to bronze markers, they come in many colors and can come with customized etchings to fit client specifications. Since granite markers typically have slants to them, they are much more resistant to vandalism, which allows them to live on for many years. Visit our location in Ashland today to see our wide selection of granite memorial markers.