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Memorial Monuments & Other Services in Ashland, PA

Honor Your Loved Ones With a Custom Monument

Granite & Bronze Memorials

Honor a fallen loved one with beautiful, customized granite or bronze markers.

Sculpted Monuments & Etchings

Customize your sculpted memorial or monument and add etching for headstones & other structures.

Creamation Memorials

Find the cremation memorial you require to honor family and friends who have passed.

Choose Over 170 Years of Experience With Sausser Monuments Co.

Sausser Monuments Co. is the only company in Schuylkill County that does our own work. By working with us directly, our staff can ensure that you get exactly what you need to honor your loved one. Choose from a wide selection of granite monuments in various colors and styles, in both individual and family stones. 

Our business is a great source for both bronze and granite memorials, including historical plaques, building memorials, and granite and bronze grave markers. Our family-owned and operated company has provided high- quality headstones and grave markers since 1847. We proudly serve these areas in Schuylkill County, PA:

Schuylkill County, PA




Mt. Carmel


Mahanoy City

Monument Cleaning & Lettering Services Near Ashland, PA

Memorial sites are sacred spots for families and friends to remember loved ones who have passed away. Because of the elements and natural deterioration of outdoor cemeteries, dirt and other corrosive substances can adversely impact headstones and monuments. Whenever you have a monument in need of cleaning, talk to the experienced staff at Sausser Monuments Co. in Ashland, PA. We can come to your memorial site and provide monument lettering whenever necessary, or clean it up to give the location the pristine look it deserves. For more information on monument cleaning or monument lettering, give Sausser Monuments Co. a call today.

Repairs and Designs for Memorial Monuments in Schuylkill County

Schuylkill County residents have relied on Sausser Monuments Co. for their memorial needs since our business began back in 1847. They count on our family for high-quality memorial designs, to make sure they can commemorate an individual or site with the tact and professionalism required. Our current staff has years of memorial design experience, as well as expertise when it comes to repairing monuments. We can quickly repair memorial sites, which includes effective monument repair and monument cleaning. Contact us today for more information, or check out our outdoor showroom in Ashland to check out our current designs.